About Us

CASTLE Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and is a professional freight forwarding company. We are affiliated with the headquarters in Taiwan, which was established in 1993, and have a branch in Hong Kong since 1999. Over the years, with a mature team and professional services, we have been committed to meeting the diverse logistics needs of our customers.

Our Mission:

Globally, to provide customers with customized and proactive freight services, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods and creating value for the success of our customers' businesses.

Services Provided:

- Air Freight: Swiftly delivering goods worldwide through secure and reliable air channels.

- Sea Freight: Providing flexible and diverse ocean transportation services utilizing a global sea freight network.

- Intermodal Transport: Offering efficient intermodal transport solutions by coordinating different transportation modes.

- Consolidation (Pickup from Multiple Locations): Flexible pickup services from multiple locations to meet your procurement and shipping needs.

- Warehousing: Advanced warehousing facilities in Shanghai and other regions to ensure the safe storage of goods.

- Customs Clearance: Professional customs clearance team to ensure smooth clearance of your goods through various country customs.

- Land Transport (Truck, Rail): Providing comprehensive land transportation services to ensure the final delivery of goods to their destination.

- Project Logistics: Offering professional logistics solutions for large-scale projects, ensuring project progress and smooth operations.

Why Choose Us:

- Rich Experience: With years of establishment, we have accumulated extensive experience in the freight forwarding field, understanding the needs of different industries.

- Global Network: Through the Taiwan headquarters and Hong Kong branch, we have established a strong partner network worldwide, ensuring global service coverage.

- Comprehensive Services: From air and sea freight to warehousing and customs clearance, we provide comprehensive freight forwarding services to meet your one-stop logistics needs.

- Customer-Centric: We always prioritize customer needs, striving to exceed expectations and create greater value for our customers.

Choosing CASTLE Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. means selecting a reliable partner. Let's join hands and provide excellent support for your logistics operations.



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