Sea transportation

Relying on the Advantage of Multiple Seaports

Yangshan Port is Shanghai's newest deep-water seaport, handling the berthing of most new large vessels. It can accommodate large ships, providing a wider range of choices for large cargo.

Wusong Port caters to small vessels, demonstrating advantages in handling small cargo and ships. With experience and flexibility in service, it can meet your needs effectively.

Convenient Transportation Network

Shanghai Port is only 50 kilometers from the city center, easily accessible via 6 expressways, ensuring convenient transportation of goods. With both land and barge transportation modes, we guarantee a smooth and efficient logistics chain.

Your goods can be transported from various parts of the country to Shanghai Port through modes like air, road, and rail, before being shipped by vessels to destinations worldwide.

Cost-effective and Stable Transport

Castle has multiple subsidiaries globally, capable of transporting various import and export goods from different regions around the world.

We possess efficient operational processes, timely cargo tracking, and reliable delivery services. Choosing our services, let's join hands, and you can be more assured and at ease.

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